Ram Promises A Higher-Performance Truck Sometime In The Future

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Ram Promises A Higher-Performance Truck Sometime In The Future
Ram Promises A Higher-Performance Truck Sometime In The Future

While some people are excited about the new twin-turbo inline-six Ram 1500 RHO, the newest commercial for it apparently has a message about a more powerful model. Many who’ve watched the ad, called The Convoy, have been more mesmerized by the RHO and the star power featured in it.

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But Jeff Summers, Head of Advertising for Ram Trucks, says there are numerous easter eggs embedded in the commercial spot. But one is particularly interesting and has people talking about what might be coming down the line.

Image via Ram Trucks/YouTube
Image via Ram Trucks/YouTube

According to Summers, the two dirt bikes in the commercial have special meaning. One bears the number 540 to stand for the RHO’s output. But the other one is blank, which is interesting. Apparently, that’s supposed to hint at an even more capable Ram High HP truck coming in the future.


Likely nobody got that significance on their own, so it’s a good thing Summers posted an explanation on his LinkedIn account.

What everyone is debating now is whether or not the more powerful Ram 1500 will be called the TRX or something else. After all, Ram and Stellantis brass have been coy about whether or not the popular badge will continue.

People are now trying to read all sorts of things into the video, including symbolism and numerical patterns. Whether or not those even mean anything will remain a mystery, at least for a while. Watching this video in a few years could prove entertaining.

You’ll also note Hollywood star Glen Powell stars in the commercial, who was also in Top Gun Maverick. So are racers Tanner Foust, Rhys Millen, and Collete Davis. While they certainly grab the spotlight, the deeper hidden meaning in the commercial is honestly so much more interesting.

Images via Ram Trucks/YouTube