The Renoca Windansea Just Hits Different

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The Renoca Windansea Just Hits Different
The Renoca Windansea Just Hits Different

People buy Toyota Tacomas for a variety of reasons, making it by far the most popular midsize pickup in America. That means a lot of other guys are driving a truck that looks almost identical to yours. For some owners this is no big deal, but others crave to stand out in the crowd. That’s where Flex Motor comes in to change the game with the Renoca Windansea.

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If you’re not familiar with Flex, the company has made quite the name for itself in Japan selling fully restored or customized retro Toyota vehicles. Its Renoca lineup of cosmetic mods add a throwback flair to Land Cruisers. With a new shop set up in San Diego recently, the company is celebrating its expansion by offering the Windansea exclusively in the US.

With the Tacoma, Flex pops off that modern front end with its swooping, sculpted lines and replaces it with the blocky, chunky looks of yesteryear. Circular headlights with amber and clear lenses stacked alongside add an aesthetic that’s long since been abandoned in our modern times. We can see why people are scooping this aftermarket cosmetic makeover up.


However, this is more than just a pretty face. Those bumpers you see don’t just look good, they’re made of steel with under guards incorporated, so they’re ready for playing in the great outdoors.

Cruising around town in a Renoca Windansea is guaranteed to earn a lot of doubletakes. Non-car people will stare in puzzlement as a vague sense that there’s something odd or different about your truck washes over them. Gearheads who haven’t seen this cosmetic package before will want to know what it is and where it came from. People will probably take pictures and try striking up conversations with you at gas stations.

The reaction on trails and in wilderness areas will probably be even more intense. Some outdoorsmen who love this aesthetic might even profess their love to your truck. Be sure to get that on video.

You might be staring at the front end of the Tacoma so much that you miss the wheels included in the Windansea package. They’re black with caps that are dog dish in their overall look and feel, although with a little more stylized flair. We dig the simplicity of it all.

The one bit of criticism we have for Flex is the fact the Windansea only modifies the front end of the Tacoma. Perhaps the company will work on modifying the back end of the third-gen Tacoma to make that retro-appropriate in the near future?

Flex has a more consultative sales process, so while the base price of the Windansea starts at $52,800 that can change depending on the donor truck and whatever bespoke customizations you request. In other words, even among all the other Renocas out there, yours can truly be unique. We like that a lot.

Images via Flex Motor