Renting Out A Ferrari FF On Turo Ends Poorly

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Renting Out A Ferrari FF On Turo Ends Poorly
Renting Out A Ferrari FF On Turo Ends Poorly

A lot of people rent their cars out on Turo, including some people we know personally. While it might be a great way to make some extra cash, you have to admit it also comes at a huge risk. One YouTuber found this out the hard way when his Ferrari FF went up in flames while it was being rented by a stranger on Turo.

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That’s pretty much a worst-case nightmare scenario right there, especially if you’re renting out your dream car. And we have no idea why anyone would rent out their dream car, except maybe because the payments are a bit much.


There have been all kinds of crazy stories coming out of Turo rentals, like the high school team which raced a rental Toyota Supra at the Texas Mile and quite a few thefts as criminals figure out how to get around the security features on the app.

At first the guy is trying to stay optimistic, theorizing that the damage from the fire (which he hasn’t seen yet) is contained to a small portion of the vehicle, like under the hood. But he acknowledges that it’s possible the Ferrari is a charred mess an a complete loss.

It turns out the optimism in this situation wasn’t the correct path. The FF burned brightly, with all but the rear fascia, wheels, and tires warped or turned to ash. Very little is even salvageable on the car.

How does such a thing happen? At the time of filming, JR Garage didn’t have answers. He says on the video it could’ve been any number of things, including straight up vandalism. And there’s been no update since this video was uploaded – we tried holding off for that.

So, would you rent your car on Turo?

Image via JR Garage/YouTube