Rolls-Royce Stolen From Valet In Miami

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Rolls-Royce Stolen From Valet In Miami
Rolls-Royce Stolen From Valet In Miami

Many people believe dropping their car off at a valet service means it will be treated with the upmost care and will remain exceptionally secure. While that might be the case with some services, we see a lot of high-end vehicles stolen from valets. It’s happened again, only this time the ride taken was a brand new Rolls-Royce reportedly worth half a million dollars.

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For Yillian Iglesias, it was another Saturday night out on the town, dining at one of the hottest restaurants in Miami, Komodo. After leaving her brand new ultra-luxury car with the valet, she likely figured it was safe and sound. But in the middle of her meal, she found out someone stole the Rolls-Royce from right under the valets’ noses.


A two man team approached the valet podium, asked for directions, and while the valet was giving them to one guy the other one snatched the keys out of the podium. Then they got in the Rolls and drove off, simple as that.

We imagine different valet services have different safety protocols for the keys. But this kind of thing seems to be happening frequently, leading us to the conclusion not enough security is being used by many of these services. For starters, perhaps the keys shouldn’t be kept where just anyone can grab them.

It sounds like these weren’t just simple, opportunistic thieves but instead were real pros. Iglesias says the multiple tracking devices in her car aren’t working. While it’s possible the thieves found and deactivated them all, that’s not probable. If they did, then they really, really good.

More likely is that they’re using a GPS blocker to keep the trackers from broadcasting their location. Some of the smoother car thieves, the ones who go after Rolls-Royces, carry such things and know how to use them effectively because they know owners have backups for their backups.

Sadly, if a thief is determined and skilled enough, you won’t be able to keep your car safe. But we think valets can perhaps do more to keep keys and cars secure.

Source and image: NBC Miami

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