Jeep Avenger goes hybrid and AWD with new 4xe

jeep avenger 4xe 01
jeep avenger 4xe 01

The 4xe combines a 134bhp 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine and pair of 28bhp electric motors

The Jeep Avenger has gained a rugged new 4xe range-topper that features an all-wheel-drive hybrid powertrain – which brand boss Antonio Filosa promises will “go futher, faster and better off-road” than any rival in its class.

The Avenger launched as an EV in mid-2023, with a cheaper pure-petrol variant introduced in the UK line-up a few months later. Both those models were front-wheel-drive, but Jeep has always planned to eventually offer an all-wheel-drive variant that will build on the brand’s long history of off-road ability. A preview was first shown at the 2022 Paris motor show.


Filosa said: “Every time we think of a Jeep product, we think of a four-wheel-drive version. Jeep is by far the most capable brand in the world, and for us capability is all around off-road. So in each segment, any Jeep vehicle must have more capability than every rival.”

The Avenger 4xe combines a 134bhp 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine driven through a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox with a pair of 28bhp electric motors located on each axle. The 48V hybrid system is designed to offer significant traction and torque to boost its off-road performance. Jeep claims it can generate up to 1400lbft at the rear wheels, a figure likely achieved by multiplying motor torque by the gear ratio.

The all-wheel-drive system gives the 4xe a 0-62mph time of 9.5 seconds, with an increased top speed of 120mph. Jeep also claims a “minimal” increase in CO2 emissions over the existing Avenger hybrid offered in some markets, although it has yet to give an exact figure.

Jeep also claims that the Avenger 4xe offers consider off-road ability to match Filosa’s promise. The powertrain uses a ‘smart’ all-wheel-drive system, so at speeds of below 19mph power is always sent to all four wheels. Between 19 and 56mph the rear axle is only powered when required, while two-wheel-drive is always used at higher speeds to minimise fuel consumption.

There is on-demand torque distribution in all-wheel-drive model, with a split of up to 50:50. The Selec-Terrain drive mode function features Auto, Snow, Sand and Mud and Sport modes, which alter the power distribution and stability control for the various conditions.

The powertrain features a 22:7:1 reducer on the rear axle to allow for that substantial 1400lb ft of torque, and Jeep claims that gives the Avenger 4xe the ability to traverse slopes of up to 40 per cent - and 20 per cent even when there’s no grip on the front axle.

At 210mm the machine also sits 10mm higher than the regular Avenger, allowing for the ability to ford up to 400mm of water. Another bespoke addition is multilink rear suspension, which allows for greater articulation on the rear axle.

Additionally, the Avenger 4xe offers 22-degree approach, 21-degree breakover and 35-degree departure angles.

As previews by the 2022 concept, the Avenger 4xe features a number of design tweaks from the regular version. The fog lights have been shifted slightly higher on the car for better visibility, and there are also roof rails and a rear tow hook.

The front and rear bumpers are now made from mould-in-colour material and feature an anti-scratch finished, and trhe front bumper shows more of the wheels and includes extra cladding.

There is a new optional bonnet sticker designed to reduce reflections when driving in sunny weather. Mud and snow tyres are offered as standard, with optional All Terrain 3PMSF tyres also available. Both are mounted on black alloys.

Inside, the 4xe gains new seats made from an entirely washable material, along with greater use of more durable materials to extend the cabin life.

The Avenger 4xe will go on sale in the UK later this year. Pricing details have yet to be confirmed.