Saturn Sky Gets a 2JZ Swap

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A Bold Blend of American and Japanese Engineering.

The Saturn Sky, along with its sibling the Pontiac Solstice, garnered a modest following for its sleek design and nimble handling when it debuted. However, some enthusiasts felt it lacked the power to match its sporty looks. While there are kits available to install a V8 engine into these roadsters, this particular build takes a different, more unexpected route by incorporating a 2JZ inline-six from a Toyota Supra.

In the tuning community, the 2JZ engine is revered for its robust construction and excellent modification potential. Known for its durability and ability to handle significant power upgrades, the 2JZ is a popular choice for engine swaps, particularly in Nissan 300ZXs and other performance-oriented builds. Its relatively compact size and overbuilt design make it an ideal candidate for those looking to boost their car's performance.


The video showcasing this build captures the essence of its transformation. The moment the 2JZ-powered Saturn Sky fires up and accelerates, it’s clear this roadster has been elevated to a new level of performance. The sound of the engine, coupled with the car's quick acceleration, demonstrates the impressive capabilities of this unique swap.

Despite its extensive modifications, the Saturn Sky retains a largely stock appearance, save for some aftermarket white wheels. This subtlety adds to its sleeper status, making it a true surprise for those who might underestimate it at first glance. However, once the engine roars to life, there's no hiding its enhanced capabilities.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time a Saturn Sky has been used in high-performance applications. The car has even made an appearance in Formula Drift, showcasing its potential in competitive motorsports. This particular build came to fruition through the power of the internet, with the owner connecting with a Canadian enthusiast who had previously completed a similar swap. Through shared knowledge and resources, the ambitious project came to life.

In a world where automotive enthusiasts are constantly seeking to create standout builds, this 2JZ-swapped Saturn Sky represents a successful fusion of American styling and Japanese engineering. It stands as a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of the car community, highlighting what’s possible when conventional limits are pushed and reimagined.

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