What’s Your Scariest Moment Behind The Wheel?

Close call. - Photo: Scott Olson (Getty Images)
Close call. - Photo: Scott Olson (Getty Images)

On the whole, driving is awesome. You get the freedom of the open road, have the fun of piloting a performance car around tight turns and often have the rumble of an awesome engine filling your ears. That’s not always the case, however, and sometimes driving can get pretty scary.

You might get caught out by a tight corner and have a near miss with a lamp post, or you might be stuck with a threatening BMW driver following you and flashing their lights at you. Or, in the case of ex-F1 driver Martin Brundle, you might have had a scare while reviewing a classic McLaren F1 on a slippery country lane.

Today, those are the kinds of stories we want to uncover, so we’re asking you for your scariest moments behind the wheel. So, what have you got?


For me, my scariest moment came about a year ago when I was driving from New York up to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix. On the way out of New York State, the weather was awful with rain pumelling down and strong winds. The little Kia Soul I was driving was handling things fine in the inside lane, staying out of the way. That was, until a massive low-loader piled up with concrete dividers sidled alongside.

I’ve never felt so small in a car before, and things only got worse when it indicated that it planned to pull into our lane. Slowly, with us perched alongside the cab, the semi truck began drifting into our lane, clearly oblivious to the small Kia it was about to crush into. We were forced onto the verge, honking and flashing all the way. Finally, the truck noticed and headed back to the middle lane, leaving us shaken up and in need of an emergency Taco Bell stop to calm down. That’s how bad it was.

But that’s just my closest call, what’s yours? Head to the comments section below to let us know the scariest moments you’ve had behind the wheel, and we’ll round up some of the sketchiest moments in a slideshow next week.

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