Semi-Truck Drowns In Houston Flooding

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Semi-Truck Drowns In Houston Flooding
Semi-Truck Drowns In Houston Flooding

Severe flooding in Houston and other parts of Texas and Louisiana has left some drivers underwater, literally. One of the most shocking examples comes out of the Houston area when  a semi-truck pulling a trailer plowed right into the deep end of a flooded road, the cab submersing into the floodwaters.

Authorities believe a truck driver was watching Netflix before a fatal accident.

Video shared by CW39 Houston shows the truck drive right into the deep waters, the cab plunging nose-first as stunned onlookers exclaimed in dismay. The current swept the trailer in with the cab, both of them hitting some nearby trees.


The driver in a bright green shirt can be seen crawling out through the open cab window and climbing onto the roof to stay above water. Fortunately, he reportedly made it out safe, but the cab and trailer are no doubt a total loss.

Quite a few drivers have miscalculated the depth and swiftness of floodwaters as roadways have become rivers. Some undoubtedly have been trying to escape areas that are filling up with water, but we suspect others think the flooding is no big deal.

Water crossings in a vehicle can be tricky. Oftentimes it’s difficult to judge the depth without getting out of your vehicle and using some sort of measuring stick. This semi-truck driver would’ve benefited from that sort of caution

You’ll notice in the video another semi and a pickup drive through shallower floodwaters away from the submerged truck. It also pays to see someone else brave the water first.

In reality, it’s best to just not drive through floodwaters. Even if the depth isn’t all that bad, a strong undercurrent can sweep away even a semi-truck, meaning your car doesn’t stand a chance.

Image via CW39 Houston/YouTube