Someone Foolishly Used A Chevy Cruze As A Getaway Car

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Someone Foolishly Used A Chevy Cruze As A Getaway Car
Someone Foolishly Used A Chevy Cruze As A Getaway Car

We’ve seen a few police chases involving a suspect fleeing in a Chevy Cruze, each one with a different result. Normally, we’d expect such a small, low-powered, and all around cheap vehicle to be one of the worst options for running from the cops, but that didn’t stop this person running fake temporary tags on theirs to flee from Arkansas State Police.

Woman with felony warrants shows a Chevy Cavalier can off-road.

ASP routinely takes down people in much faster, more powerful rides than this one, so we weren’t expecting much. But for a few reasons, while this chase is short it’s also entertaining.


First off, the trooper tries pulling the Cruze over, which pulls into a parking lot, kinda stops, then puts those little gerbils in the four-banger to work trying to burn rubber. Of course the trooper keeps up not problem, then tries pitting the Chevy.

But since the suspect is going so slow, the PIT doesn’t really do anything. So in a way, the weak nature of the car is its own special defense, like a possum playing dead.

Our suspect with the fake temporary tag seems to not understand the advantage and so of course puts the pedal to the floor, accelerating up to a whopping 75 mph in what we can only assume is the little sedan’s best effort.

After turning onto a side road and impressively rolling over an island, the suspect pushes the Cruze to almost 90 mph. That’s when the trooper goes in for the kill, pitting the little car again. Somehow, the suspect just shakes it off like Swifties when they hear anything critical of Taylor and keeps going.

Perhaps feeling a little smug about surviving two PIT attempts made by an Arkansas trooper, the suspect starts doing some fancy stuff, swerving around other cars, then entering an even smaller street at the last second.

Just like Icarus, this guy’s arrogance caused him to fly too close the sun. After all, a Cruze is a far cry from a Corvette and the weak suspension can’t pull the car through such a sharp turn. Instead, the chase ends with the little Chevy faceplanting right into a tree.

Once again, ASP gets its man.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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