Stolen Buick Grand National Wrecks Over A Dozen Others In Boston

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Stolen Buick Grand National Wrecks Over A Dozen Others In Boston
Stolen Buick Grand National Wrecks Over A Dozen Others In Boston

A suspect in Boston stole a guy’s prized 1987 Buick Grand National, crashing it into over a dozen other cars before ditching it and running away. And police haven’t caught the suspect, who left a wake of heartache and destruction.

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In total, about 15-20 cars were damaged as the thief used the Grand National like it was some sort of wrecking ball. We’re not sure why he thought that would help him get away from police, because it ultimately disabled his getaway vehicle.

Now plenty of people get to file insurance claims. For example, a Lexus had part of its front end just destroyed as it sat parked on the side of the road. We wonder if this will help push insurance rates in the area up, because this guy did plenty of destruction.


The owner of that ’87 Buick Grand National told CBS News Boston he put about $150,000 into the car. He seemed distraught that he’s going to be out all that money, firmly believing his insurance wouldn’t pony up that kind of cash. We can’t imagine how that must feel.

While the thief was able to easily steal the vehicle using a screwdriver, the owner at least had a GPS tracker on it. That helped police find it rapidly, but the chase ensued, and the result is a big mess.

If you own a classic car, be mindful of the fact they don’t come with modern security measures, unless those have been added by you or someone else. There are many devices out there like a kill switch which help prevent thieves from taking your beloved ride with a simple screwdriver.

Also, like what the Grand National owner did, consider getting at least one GPS tracker for your vehicle, if not two just in case.

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