Street Takeover Dorks Destroy Another Camaro

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Street Takeover Dorks Destroy Another Camaro
Street Takeover Dorks Destroy Another Camaro

We’ve been contending for a long time that street takeover participants aren’t car enthusiasts at all. Some of them have raged out at us for this assertion, but if you watch these illegal gatherings enough it becomes obvious the people in them aren’t gearheads. Just like what happened to yet another poor Camaro recently, we see cars get absolutely trashed at these events.

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As you can see in the included video from Instagram, a group of kids are busy pummeling the poor Chevy Camaro convertible as it sits in the middle of a street. How it got there isn’t explained, but we’re guessing one of the street takeover people drove it there to have some fun, then let the crowd trash it.


Many of the vehicles used in street takeovers are in fact stolen. This is why when people talk about the illegal gatherings being just kids having fun we laugh. They literally help fuel the demand for stolen cars.

The kids kick and stomp the muscle car’s body panels, bash in the windshield, and one of them writes graffiti with a paint pen on the front quarter panel. A guy even stabs a tire, the air whistling out loudly.

We don’t know the ultimate fate of this Camaro, but we’ve seen cars like this one driven in the takeover, broken, trashed like this, then ultimately burned. These kids seem to think it’s fun just wrecking things.

This is just one of many crimes associated with street takeovers. They also damage city infrastructure, keep people from getting home (or wherever they’re going), shootings and other violence are common, they can fuel looting at nearby businesses, plus they’re magnets for drug deals and human trafficking.

We wonder just how many awesome performance cars have been trashed in the name of street takeovers. It makes us sick.

Images via imfromthebaybitches/Instagram

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