Street Takeover Jeep Trackhawk Catches Fire While Running From Cops

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Street Takeover Jeep Trackhawk Catches Fire While Running From Cops
Street Takeover Jeep Trackhawk Catches Fire While Running From Cops

A Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that was at a street takeover in Compton, California tried fleeing from police as they descended on the event, only to catch fire. The Jeep toasting happened on May 22 before 1:30 am, serving some sweet justice to the people who think they get to shut down any intersection or stretch of road for their stupid pleasure.

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Video captured by Key News shows the front end of the Trackhawk was engulfed in flames as firefighters worked to extinguish the blaze. That means the supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8 is probably a goner, which is a genuine shame. After all, the vehicle didn’t do anything wrong.


At the time of the blaze, Key News says there were multiple takeover events going on in Compton. The sheriff’s department was working to break them up when the helicopter helping coordinate deputies’ movements spotted the fleeing Jeep. The SUV hit speeds of up to 140 mph before it caught fire, forcing the driver to pull over.

Four people ran from the Jeep on foot. Deputies quickly tracked down two but were still looking for the others.

California is supposed to be the birthplace of street takeovers or sideshows, a plague that’s spread elsewhere. They’re quite common in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, creating an annoyance for residents and giving cops headaches. Also, they’re just one of many damaging exports from the Golden State the rest of the country would like to give back.

Interestingly, the Jeep had paper tags on it at the scene. Many people engaging in criminal activity use falsified paper tags they purchase on the black market, but we don’t know if that’s what these are. The other possible explanation is these people recently bought the Trackhawk. If they did, that’s going to be a fun insurance claim for sure. It’s also entirely possible the Jeep was stolen.

Check out the Key News video.

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