Suicide Doors Are Coming to a Genesis ‘Sooner or Later,' Design Boss Says

Suicide Doors Are Coming to a Genesis ‘Sooner or Later,' Design Boss Says photo
Suicide Doors Are Coming to a Genesis ‘Sooner or Later,' Design Boss Says photo

Suicide doors—or coach doors, as some automakers prefer to call them—are synonymous with ultra-expensive cars, out of the masses' reach. Rolls-Royce is famous for them, of course, but the next recipient of the rear-hinged doors may come out of Seoul, not Goodwood.

While at the 2024 New York International Auto Show, The Drive caught up with Sangyup Lee. Lee is the global head of design for Genesis (and Hyundai) and is responsible for many of the sweet-looking cars the brand's been rolling out. When asked about the Neolun SUV concept's suicide doors making it to production, he shared that the brand is working toward incorporating this complex design element into future models.

"We’ve been doing this study for the last five years, and actually we’re making huge progress," Lee told The Drive. "You see a lot of concept cars with these suicide doors, but you never see it make it to production. This is a challenge. We’re making big progress, and sooner or later it will happen."


The Neolun previews a large electric SUV expected to arrive in the U.S. in a few years. It's large, opulent, and could be mistaken for something like a Mercedes-Maybach SUV from afar. Its overall design is said to be inspired by Korean porcelain jars.

Regardless of the vehicle's size, might, and cost, suicide doors are a design and engineering challenge. It's one thing to throw a set onto a concept car that's never meant to hit the road, but a completely different one to make them functional and safe.

"Anybody can do a pillarless design, but what if a car rolls over? It has to be as strong as a car with a B-pillar. This is our challenge. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted. This is the vision," Lee added.


The futuristic Neolun wasn't the South Korean automaker's only unveiling at this year's quiet and bland New York Auto Show. Genesis stole the spotlight with the spicy GV60 Magma concept which, along with the Neolun, showcases the evolution of the brand and its design language while also helping establish Genesis' identity in a hyper-competitive playing field.

"This [Neolun] concept, we’ve been developing for the last five years," said Lee. "We worked very closely with our suppliers to develop it, and we continue to develop it. I cannot promise you when, but it has been five years of work, and actually, you will see something in the future.

"The world doesn’t need another luxury car brand, they’re perfectly fine, so Genesis is the only brand that has to do something special."

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