Sultan Boasts One Of World’s Largest Car Collections

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This car collection is insane.

We've seen some pretty insane collections of classic cars in the past, however, none quite compare to this. Originally regarded as one of the world's greatest array of various vintage vehicles. The large mass of cars now sits abandoned and forgotten without air conditioning or proper maintenance. This massive gathering of some of the world’s most expensive classic, super, and sports cars spans over 1000 vehicles and is owned by one of the world's richest men. With a large portion of these cars having been purchased by the family of the sultan, the collection is more of a family heirloom rather than a simple collection.


It is reported that this vast expanse of cars if lined up perfectly one by one, would span a length of nearly 20 miles. With an impressive quantity such as that, you would probably expect this guy to have some pretty amazing vehicles, you’d be right. Some examples of the intense collection include multiple ultra-rare Ferrari F40s, a BMW Nazca M12 concept car, a gorgeous gray Lamborghini Urraco, two Ferrari Mythos concept cars, an F50, and many other insane supercars. It would appear that the sultan’s appetite for classic sports cars never ceases. It is also reported that if the sultan and his family liked a car they wouldn't be satisfied by just one, he would buy hundreds.

Unfortunately, the sultan and his relatives had previously gone through some difficult financial times. This led to the, almost, complete abandonment of the collection as the warehouse could no longer be air-conditioned and the cars could no longer be maintained by the various employees whose job it was to do so. At the bare minimum, the cars would need all of the various hosses, seals, and weather stripping replaced. However, there were rumors that the damage was far greater pertaining, in particular, to the steering wheels melting away in the hot South Asian air. After 18 years of sitting dormant with little care, we hope to see these cars revitalized and on the road again soon but only time will tell.

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