Supercharged Shelby Super Snake Promises to Turn the New Mustang into an 830-HP Beast

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The Shelby Super Snake Is an 830-HP BeastShelby

Like RUF or Brabus, the Shelby name holds a special and storied spot in the hearts of muscle car enthusiasts and racers alike. From the original Shelby Mustang GT350 to the creation of the Super Snake nameplate, these special pony cars always come out feeling more like a Shelby than a Ford.

The newest iteration of the 2024 Shelby Super Snake is a testament to this performance ethos. Built on a GT-trim of the seventh generation, S650 chassis, Shelby's Super Snake comes exclusively with the 5.0-liter Coyote V-8, though the power figures build on Ford's stock numbers significantly. Offered with a Whipple supercharger system, Shelby's top-end Snake makes up to 830 hp, though a non-supercharged version runs close to stock at 480 hp. A Borla exhaust system complements the requisite supercharger whine for a full V-8 chorus.

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To keep this forced induction system running reliably, Shelby has installed an extreme cooling system with upgraded radiators and a heat exchanger. But the Shelby tune is about more than pure power. The company claims its suspension adjustments also make for a sharper turn-in. A short-throw shifter, a brake rotor upgrade, and 20-inch forged magnesium wheels are also included on the Super Snake.


"We have an unwavering commitment to the enthusiast," said Vince La Violette, Shelby American vice president of operations and senior designer. "With the Super Snake's competition heritage, we knew it was critical to dial up a car that is enjoyable during daily commutes and deeply rewarding during spirited driving. While the styling inside and out is certainly handsome, functionality drove every decision. This car checks all the boxes."

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The exterior changes of the Shelby Super Snake are not just about looking cool, either. Fitted with an aluminum vented hood with hood pins, carbon fiber hood extractors, and a carbon fiber wide body up front, Shelby says these pieces direct airflow more effectively to the cooling and braking systems. Aerodynamics remains essential to Shelby's tuning spirit, with a rear ducktail spoiler or, a carbon fiber Super Snake rear wing on the Fastback, guiding air smoothly over the rear end.

Inside the Shelby Super Snake, buyers will find a series of Shelby-specific badges, a Shelby shifter ball on manual transmission models, and serialized dash plus engine plaques. Offered through Shelby selected Ford dealerships in the U.S., enticed customers will have to act fast, as only 250 total 2024 model years cars will be available domestically. Sold with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and the powertrain warranty from Ford intact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better American muscle tuner package. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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