Survivor 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A Looks Fantastic

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It’s an American original…

While it’s great to see a nicely restored or even a restomod classic American muscle car, it’s even more amazing to see one that’s an all-original survivor. That’s what we have in the included video. This 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A has just 63,000 original miles on the clock, which is amazing considering the owner Norm Vanderveen hasn’t driven it more in the past 5 decades. What’s more, this thing wasn’t sitting in a garage smoldering or in a field being eaten away by rust, but instead has obviously lived a pampered life.

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This is the kind of classic you can take to a car show and really wow everyone, even if they don’t initially understand that everything is original. That striking paint is Cream Yellow, which pairs nicely with the black graphics. The Six Pack also has the characteristically aggressive scoop in the fiberglass hood, a calling card for those in the know.

As a 1970 SCCA Trans Am series homologation special, these T/As were hot stuff. A Six Pack 340ci V8 supplies plenty of rumbling power, which you can hear idling in the video. There’s also a 4-speed and 3.91 gears, all from the factory like everything else on the Challenger.

The Saddle interior looks to be all original as well, which is claimed in the video. While most everything appears to be in good working order, you might notice the driver’s seat has some splits in it, so not all can be perfect for a car made over 50 years ago. Even with that wear showing, this is still one impressive ride the likes of which you rarely see.

You might be thinking to yourself this ’70 Challenger T/A looks a little familiar. It’s been featured in a number of publications over the years being that it’s quite the marvel, so it’s entirely possible you’ve seen it and read an interview with the owner before. Still, looking at this old Mopar isn’t something we get tired of doing, that’s for sure.

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