Suspect Tries Bossing Arkansas Trooper Around

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Suspect Tries Bossing Arkansas Trooper Around
Suspect Tries Bossing Arkansas Trooper Around

People can do some weird things when a cop turns on their lights and signals for them to pull over. This might be when you get stopped by an officer of the law they seem a little uptight. The worst thing you can do is be combative and unpleasant to them like what this guy who gets stopped in his little Chevrolet Cruze by an Arkansas State Police trooper.

Stolen Ford truck fights Arkansas State Police.

Cops also get frustrated when they put their lights on and you keep driving for blocks and blocks without stopping like what this guy does. While you should find a safe place to pull over, you don’t need to just keep driving in hopes the officer just gives up and moves on to someone else.


After running the driver’s info, the trooper learns this guy has an active warrant. Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to stop?

The suspect tries making the trooper feel sorry for him by acting like he’s just an innocent victim of the system. When that doesn’t work, he quickly turns combative and starts lecturing the trooper about what will and won’t happen.

Just a little tip for anyone who’s confused about how things work: during a traffic stop an officer of the law can order you out of the vehicle and you must comply. If you don’t, they’re well within their legal rights to forcefully remove you from the vehicle and you’re probably going to pick up a resisting charge plus maybe get tazed.

Instead, this guy this guy persists in lecturing the trooper about how things are going to be. That’s met with a warning about what the trooper will do if he doesn’t comply and things start turning explosive. As the trooper tries pulling the guy out of the Cruze, the suspect decides to take off. Fortunately he doesn’t drag the trooper along for the ride.

As one might expect the ensuing chase is short because little Chevy Cruze is gutless and the suspect seems to only halfheartedly try fleeing. That’s when the trooper does the ASP special, pitting the little compact and arresting the suspect. So he got the same result, only with more charges and a crunched car.

But wait, after getting arrested this guy doesn’t do the sensible thing and just shut up. Instead, he keeps trying to argue with the trooper and tries rewriting the memory of what happened. Some people just never learn.

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