Teen C8 Corvette Driver Kills Harley Rider, Was Going 150 MPH

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Teen C8 Corvette Driver Kills Harley Rider, Was Going 150 MPH
Teen C8 Corvette Driver Kills Harley Rider, Was Going 150 MPH

A 46-year-old park ranger is dead after the Harley-Davidson he was riding on was slammed into by a C8 Corvette that was going about 150 mph before the crash. The other driver, an 18-year-old girl, is facing some potentially serious consequences for a crash that’s shocked the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Car flips after speeding through rotary.

It was the night of March 12 at about 10:30 when 18-year-old Rachel Berg was allegedly blasting down the HOV lane on US 60 in Mesa, Arizona. Authorities estimate she was going about 150 mph when she slammed into the Harley-Davidson Michael Clark was riding, killing the father of two.


Police say Berg tried to slow down before hitting the motorcycle, but was still traveling at about 87 mph when the two vehicles collided. Clark never stood a chance.

Clark’s grieving widow, Laura, spoke with AZ Family about the loss of her husband, saying she wants Berg held accountable for her actions. We think that’s incredibly reasonable, all things considered.

He was a cop in Tacoma before and according to Laura “served his country and… community” with pride.

Some people are wondering what an 18-year-old is doing with a brand-new Corvette. We don’t know the circumstance there, but we know few teenagers who have the discipline to not abuse that kind of performance.

Far too often, people get behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle and suddenly think they’re Michael Andretti. Sadly, as they treat public roads like their personal racetrack, they can cause serious accidents, even killing others.

Despite this risk, we don’t think the solution is banning high-powered cars. Instead, those who engage in these sorts of activities should be held accountable. It’s best if police can catch them before they end up hurting or killing someone else.

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