Tesla Cybertruck Recalls Are Piling Up

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Tesla Cybertruck Recalls Are Piling UpAnadolu - Getty Images
  • Two additional recalls have been issued for the Tesla Cybertruck, deliveries of which began late last year, concerning a piece of trim and a windshield wiper motor.

  • Earlier this year the Cybertruck faced a recall for an accelerator pedal cover that could separate and become trapped, thereby applying force to the pedal.

  • Some owners have also reported a variety of other issues with the Cybertruck, not all of which are being addressed through recalls.

Even before Tesla began deliveries of the Cybertruck, it was clear that the electric pickup would be pushing the EV maker's manufacturing methods to its limits, both due to its stainless steel skin and its unconventional design. The company's CEO hinted as much.


But just over half a year after deliveries began, recalls involving the Cybertruck are seemingly piling up, just as owners continue to report various panel fit issues. And some of the recalls don't have anything to do with the truck's shape or choice of exterior materials.

Months after the Cybertruck saw a recall for an accelerator pedal assembly that could become dislodged and trapped in the interior trim just above the pedal, which could cause the truck to accelerate, the angular EV has become the subject of two additional recalls in a short span of time.

The automaker has issued a recall for 11,688 Cybertrucks for an issue with its large windshield wiper motor, which could stop working due to electrical overstress. This issue was first identified back in February, but it wasn't immediately clear what the root of the of the problem was, with Tesla having even halted deliveries to some customers due to this issue.

The cause now appears to have been identified, with Tesla pointing to an issue with the wiper motor's gate driver component, manufactured by a supplier.

The second recall concerns a trim piece along the truck's bed.

"On affected vehicles, the sail applique or adhesion may not have been installed according to specification, which may cause the sail applique to become loose or separate from the vehicle," the NHTSA said in its recall notice.

The issue was first noticed back in December 2023, when an undelivered Cybertruck arrived at a Tesla center with that piece already missing. A second instance of such trim separation was identified in May, with Tesla discovering that the trim had delaminated from the adhesion pad.

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Of course, many new vehicles face recalls, but it's not necessarily the recalls that are giving the Cybertruck a reputation among Tesla owners.

Besides these three issues that have prompted recalls, Cybertruck owners have also reported a variety of other problems with their new vehicles, ranging from non-working tailgate buttons, loose interior and exterior trim pieces, creaking noises, misaligned body panels, issues with the frunk closing mechanism, and loose gear selector button frames.

If there is a common thread to most of these issues, including ones that have sparked recalls, it's that not all of them are necessarily related to the truck's unconventional design or stainless steel body panels. These are largely assembly, fit, and supplier issues.

The giant wiper arm, mandated by the truck's unconventional windshield and lack of a wiper niche just above the frunk, is perhaps the one major exception.

Will electric pickups take off as a segment in the short term, or were they largely representative of a momentary flash of interest? Let us know what you think in the comments below.