Tesla Recalls Every Cybertruck Over Accelerator Pedal Sticking at 100%

Tesla Recalls Every Cybertruck Over Accelerator Pedal Sticking at 100% photo
Tesla Recalls Every Cybertruck Over Accelerator Pedal Sticking at 100% photo

The Tesla Cybertruck has officially been recalled for its flimsy accelerator pedal that could fall apart and become stuck in a depressed position, launching the electric pickup at full speed. Documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that the problematic pedal is estimated to be present in all 3,878 Cybertrucks manufactured and delivered from last November up until April 4, about which time Tesla reportedly recognized the defect and paused sales.

NHTSA describes the issue in detail, saying the accelerator pedal's aluminum cover, or pad, may dislodge when "high force is applied," and become partially trapped underneath the interior's plastic bulkhead. When that happens, the whole pedal assembly will stay pressed down, leading to unintended acceleration that's hard to correct from a driving position. The agency explains that applying the brake pedal simultaneously will cut drive torque to the Cybertruck, allowing drivers to slow down and prevent the EV from advancing. If, however, drivers release the brake pedal before turning the Cybertruck off, the EV will return right back to wide-open throttle if the pedal's still trapped.

Tesla claims the defect was caused by an "unapproved change" in the production process that introduced lubricant—specifically, soap—to the pedal assembly. Soap residue in the parts allegedly "reduced the retention of the pad to the pedal," and here we are.


The danger of unintentional acceleration in a vehicle as big, heavy, and powerful as the Cybertruck is indeed concerning, and the NHTSA got involved shortly after the issue went viral on social media. The Cybertruck makes up to 834 horsepower and can sprint from 0-60 in as little as 2.6 seconds; it also weighs up to 6,900 pounds.

As of April 15, Tesla is not aware of any crashes relating to faulty pedals, nor does it report any injuries or deaths stemming from the defect. Beginning on April 17, all Cybertruck vehicles in production have been fitted with a new pedal assembly with a correspondingly new part number. Tesla says Cybertruck owners will be notified "on or around April 19" to arrange repairs, and that customers will be instructed to visit a Tesla service center where technicians will replace or rework the assembly, ensuring it meets new specifications that won't result in it disintegrating in the worst way imaginable.