The Cybertruck faces another setback as Tesla recalls more than 11,000 vehicles over its giant wiper

Tesla Cybertruck with wiper showing
The Tesla Cybertruck has a single huge windscreen wiper.Julia Beverly/Getty Images
  • Tesla is recalling over 11,000 Cybertrucks over concerns the pickup's giant wiper may stop working.

  • The automaker is also issuing a separate recall over the Cybertruck's trunk-bed trim.

  • It's the latest blow to Elon Musk's futuristic pickup, which has faced a rocky rollout.

Tesla is recalling over 11,000 Cybertrucks because of an issue with the vehicle's windscreen wiper.

The automaker will replace wiper motors on all affected vehicles over fears they could become damaged and stop working due to "electrical overstress," a recall report issued by regulators said.

The recall includes all model year 2024 Cybertrucks manufactured from November 13, 2023, to June 6, 2024. The defect affects an estimated 2% of recalled vehicles, the report said.


Tesla is also issuing a separate recall for 11,383 Cybertrucks over concerns that a trim in the trunk bed could have been improperly attached.

It follows reports earlier in June suggested that Tesla had delayed Cybertruck deliveries because of problems with the pickup truck's wiper. Some people who said they owned a Cybertruck complained on Tesla forums about issues with the vehicles' single gigantic windshield wiper.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's recall report said Tesla first identified wiper motor failures on some Cybertrucks in February, before voluntarily issuing a recall on June 12.

The company is not aware of any collisions, injuries, or deaths relating to the fault, the report said.

The Cybertruck's huge single wiper attracted much speculation in the lead-up to the futuristic vehicle's release.

The initial design didn't even have wipers, and Elon Musk has admitted their was "no easy solution" to clearing the Cybertruck's massive front window.

The two recalls are the latest blow to the Cybertruck, which was notoriously difficult for Tesla to design and produce.

The automaker was previously forced to recall about 3,878 vehicles over a flaw that could cause the accelerator to jam open. At the time of the recall, it reportedly covered almost every Cybertruck shipped to customers since launch.

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