Tesla Smashes Several Seattle Storefronts

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Tesla Smashes Several Seattle Storefronts
Tesla Smashes Several Seattle Storefronts

A massacre of local businesses nearby Seattle’s infamous Lenin statue happened overnight and for once nobody’s blaming a muscle car driver. Instead, surveillance footage shows it was a speeding Tesla Model 3 which played wrecking ball.

Teens arrested for car theft are picked up by a guardian in a stolen car.

At least two businesses were damaged by the speeding EV which lost control. One of those is a local psychic who somehow didn’t see the carnage coming and switch locations. Go figure.

That surveillance footage shows the Tesla veering off the road, up onto the sidewalk, then barrel through the storefronts before it came to a rest. Considering how heavy those EVs are and how fast it appeared to be going in the video, it’s a wonder the damage wasn’t even worse.


Footage of the aftermath captured by KING 5 shows the front end of the Tesla was pretty much demolished, with at least one wheel snapped off and dangling. It’s fortunate the battery packs weren’t damaged, sparking a raging inferno which might have left those businesses and possibly more completely demolished.

The KING 5 report mentions all the people in the Tesla ran off after the crash. That usually only happens with stolen vehicles, although not always. It sounds like police haven’t arrived at any conclusions they’re sharing about who was driving and whether or not they had permission to use the car.

If it was a stolen car, which we think is likely, then this just shows Teslas can be joyridden and used to cause incredible destruction before the owner realizes what’s happening and shuts the EV down remotely.

Also, in Seattle there aren’t nearly as many muscle cars like Dodge Chargers and Ford Mustangs as in certain parts of the country, so thieves there have to make do with Model 3s. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the crash.

Image via KING 5 Seattle/YouTube

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