Tesla's Cybertruck is getting a big update that improves off-roading and camping

Tesla Cybertruck with Elon Musk
Tesla announced several updates to improve Cybetruck's off-road and camping capabilities. Frederic J. Brown/Getty
  • Tesla will soon roll out updates to improve the Cybertruck's camping and off-roading capabilities.

  • The updates include the Off-Road Mode and a new feature for leveling suspension in CyberTent Mode.

  • On-road updates include a slippery surface feature and adjustable suspension based on weight.

A new Cybetruck update is on the way, and it looks like a big one.

The update is "rolling out soon," according to Tesla, and introduces a new Off-Road Mode along with some further improvements to the EV's handling and camping experience.

The Cybetruck's new Off-Roading upgrade has two new modes: Overland Mode for better traction on rough terrain and Baja Mode for improved handling at higher speeds.

Locking differentials will also be available to help maintain grip on uneven surfaces, according to Tesla.


Tesla's lead Cybertruck engineer Wes Morrill, posted more details on X about the update.

The new Off-Road Mode offers multiple camera views to help drivers navigate obstacles, and all angles can expand with a simple tap, according to Morrill. Drivers can also get faster access to Wade Mode with a one-touch button and turn real-wheel steering on or off, the engineer said.

"I found less reasons to turn it off than I expected," Morrill said on X about the wheel steering. "But in Overland there some cases when rock crawling or driving off-camber on loose surface. In Baja turning it off can make drifting a bit smoother when transitioning directions."

The Off-Road Mode also has a new Trail Assist mode, which is a cruise control feature that helps maintain speed while the driver focuses on steering. Trail Assist mode also offers hill ascent and descent control to help keep the wheels from slipping.

Cybertruck also added changes to improve its camping experience with a CyberTent Mode that levels the suspension so passengers can sleep comfortably on a flat surface when using a CyberTent.

The feature also keeps the tonneau cover open to accommodate tents. "Lights, AC & outlets will stay on as well if enabled," according to Tesla.

Tesla also added some On-Road updates. Its new slippery surface feature offers better control on snowy, icy, wet, or slick roads by automatically balancing traction across all tires. It will also allow you to engage a rear-locking differential to give extra grip on difficult terrain, but it's intended only for short periods.

The Cybertruck will also have the ability to adjust suspension based on how much weight is being carried. That should give a smoother ride and better handling for drivers hauling a heavy load.

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