Thailand’s First Ever Backfire Competition

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Thailand’s First Ever Backfire Competition
Thailand’s First Ever Backfire Competition

As one might expect, Thai car culture is a wee bit different from what you find here in the States. The selection of vehicles, as well as the economic disparities of the two countries, combined with flavoring from the cultures makes for a number of differences. However, gearheads there just like us love to see flames shooting out of exhaust pipes.

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Also, being that we’re Backfire News, we’re always fan of backfires. Usually we get to see flame-outs as a car shifts during a race, which is always a thrill, but this is a competition where the competitors are stationary and just rev their engine in an attempt to produce the best flamethrower.


You’d expect to see a bunch of Hondas, Nissans, Toyotas, and other JDM brands at a Thai car competition like this. It’s actually dominated just by Hondas, go figure. However, a “special guest” joined in the competition just for a fun, a tuned Mercedes E-Class that unsurprisingly spanked the Hondas sideways. That’s probably why it wasn’t allowed to compete head-to-head with the little four-bangers because there wouldn’t have been a competition at all.

One of the Hondas had some sort of trouble with its downpipe. It looks like the team just yanked off the front bumper and tried shooting out some flames in the undercarriage, which didn’t really work. Another went the more traditional route of trying to shoot out flames from its tailpipe instead of an exhaust cutout in the engine compartment. That strategy backfired, although only barely in the literal sense. So much for traditionalism.

Check out the video for yourself and get a taste for Thai car culture. It’s definitely different from what you get here in the States and we’re always fans of broadening horizons.

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