Top 10 best 4x4s and off-road cars 2024

10 land rover defender top 10
10 land rover defender top 10

When it comes to steamrollering the sales charts you really need an SUV these days, especially as the appeal of their rugged looks and raised ride heights shows no signs of waning. Yet despite their off-roader aping style, these machines are little more than family hatchbacks with some tough tinsellng - drive any further off the beaten track than the odd gravel car park and you'll be left marooned and mired in mud. If you really want to climb every mountain and ford every stream then you'll need a proper rough-and-tumble 4x4.

And that's exactly what the cars listed here are: proper mud-plugging machines that have been designed to tackle the sort of terrain that would make a mountain goat think twice. As ever, the choices when it comes to this class of car aren't straightforward, as some prioritise off-road performance above all else while others are the consumate all-rounders, as happy bouncing over boulders as they are tearing along Tarmac.

And that's before you start getting bogged down (well, maybe not in these machines) in the details about breakover angles, wading depths and axle articulation, not to mention locking differentials and low-range gear ratios.

Yet whatever your offroading wants or needs, there should be something in our top 10 of topography-tamers that should suit your requirement and budget.

The best off-roaders and 4x4s