Top 10 best estate cars 2024

2 bmw 5 series touring 530d 2021 uk fd hero rear
2 bmw 5 series touring 530d 2021 uk fd hero rear

Estate cars truly are the underrated catch-all machines of the 21st century.

Think how hard it would be to imagine a world where SUVs didn't exist and the estate car was king. It would certainly seem logical; estates meld the versatility of SUVs with the dynamic sharpness of their saloon equivalents. The only bad news comes in the fact that they satisfy the cliché of being 'all the car you'll ever need'.

But their ownership benefits don't stop there - they're also hugely diverse. Not only are there a multitude of options when it comes to size, but the elasticity of these machines means the list you're about to see encroaches everything from sleek shooting brakes to simplistic, breezeblock options that match volume with a competitive price.


The options of cosseting comfort, fuel-sipping efficiency or supercar-chasing performance and handling are also present, because there's a model to suit every taste and budget. Some even manage to make a fine fist of combining all these traits.

Without further ado, then, here is our pick of the best estate cars on the market today.

The best estate cars