Top 10 best track day cars 2024

Best track day cars   Ariel Atom R
Best track day cars Ariel Atom R

The best track day cars bring with them unrivalled handling delicacy, tactile involvement and responsiveness, plus performance that is orders of magnitude higher than the on paper power outputs would suggest.

After all, when you really want to have fun behind the wheel, you need to minimise the mass, maximise the mechanicals and leave the notion of comfort behind. And the simplest and easiest way of doing this is by venturing into the most specialised section of the car market.

To qualify for this list our contenders have to tip the scales at under 1000kg (or thereabouts) and have a singular focus to engage and entertain. We’re not interested in infotainment systems, leather trim or climate control, and if we’re honest even basic weather protection isn’t a prerequisite to entry.

So, here’s our top picks for brilliant, back-to-basics track day entertainers.

Best track day cars for 2024