Toyota Will Make Fun Gas Engines Right Up Until They're Banned Outright

Image: Toyota
Image: Toyota

Enthusiasts have been hesitant to embrace EVs in the past, and who could blame them? You just can’t reproduce the thrill of a naturally aspirated engine or the whine of a turbocharged eager oxygen breather. It seem’s Toyota feels the same way.

Speaking to Australia’s Car Expert magazine, Toyota Gazoo Racing president Tomoya Takahashi says there’s plans to make gas-powered enthusiasts cars for as long as possible. He says there’s even been investments in new engines.

“We want to use internal combustion engines as much as possible,” Takahashi-san told Australian media last week.

“There may be a time in the future when engines are banned, but internal combustion engines aren’t bad, the enemy is carbon.

“We are investing in future engines.” With his thinking that the enemy is carbon, Takahashi seemed to hint that there is a place for hybrid engines and carbon neutral fuels for future vehicles. He wouldn’t comment on future products though.


If you’re wondering when we might see performance EVs wearing the GR badge, don’t get your hopes up. Takahashi told Car Expert that there’s no plans for a GR EV. For a brief moment it seemed like this was something Toyota and Lexus were considering. Both automakers were playing with “manual” transmissions for EVs, however, according to Car Expert, it appears that idea has been shelved for the time being.

As far as other EVs, Takahashi essentially said everything is up in the air and that EVs aren’t the only path forward. “We’re not sure about electrification and when it’s happening. Globally, there are discussions that cars won’t all be electric. Nobody can see 10 years into the future. Our direction is multi-pathway, not only EV,” he said.

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