Toyota Land Cruiser’s 4WD Has The 4Runner Beat In One Important Way

Photo: Toyota
Photo: Toyota

Toyota’s off-roaders have a storied history of pairing bulletproof reliability with the off-road prowess of a mountain goat, but as the new generations of its legendary SUVs arrive, which one is best? The Toyota 4Runner and the Toyota Land Cruiser are both big, tough SUVs that offer serious 4-wheel-drive systems, but the Land Cruiser has a history of being Toyota’s flagship SUV so it can’t be bested by the lowly 4Runner. For the most part with the new generations of both vehicles that remains true, with a few important notes.

The new Land Cruiser comes standard with a hybrid powertrain and a full-time 4WD system that’s designed to provide extra traction and grip both on and off-road. The new 4Runner comes standard with a gasoline engine and a part-time 4WD system that is not recommended for use on-road, in dry conditions. Higher trim levels are available with the same hybrid powertrain and full-time 4WD system as the Land Cruiser, however.

This video offers a very in-depth look at the intricacies of each 4WD system including their respective advantages and disadvantages, but when deciding which standard 4WD system is best, the big daddy Land Cruiser takes the crown. Its full-time system provides owners with the most flexibility and the best balance of traction, efficiency, and effectiveness regardless of the terrain.

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