New Toyota Prius on Moon Discs. That's It. That's the Blog

New Toyota Prius on Moon Discs. That's It. That's the Blog photo
New Toyota Prius on Moon Discs. That's It. That's the Blog photo

The Toyota Prius is hot now. Weird, right? People with taste picked up on that immediately after the fifth-generation model's reveal, and already we've seen them done up a few different ways. Whether you prefer race cars or stanced cars, they're out there. But what happens when you toss on Moon Discs from classic hot rods?

Answer: It just works.

Mooneyes Japan posted these shots on Instagram of a yellow model wearing totally smooth and shiny 19-inchers. They're wrapped in relatively small 195/50 Yokohama tires, which is actually an excellent move because they blend in perfectly with the gloss black fender arches. This results in something that's almost like an optical illusion, where the Prius is floating above the saucers. Absolutely killer.


In case you didn't know, Mooneyes is a staple in automotive culture—especially relating California-style hot rods. You can find their parts on all sorts of American classics, like velocity stacks on vintage Gasser drag cars or the polished external fuel tanks they often run. As for the Moon Disc wheel covers, they're popular at the Bonneville Salt Flats or anywhere that streamlined aerodynamics come in handy.

That's part of what makes them so cool on this Prius. See, Mooneyes is also big in Japan, so it's only fitting that they've been put on a Japanese car. But whereas other cars use them to improve their speed, the Prius can take advantage of them to boost its trademark efficiency. Imagine whipping a JDM ride that looks this clean and gets better than the factory-rated 57 miles per gallon.

<em><u>Mooneyes Japan via Instagram</u></em>
Mooneyes Japan via Instagram

The Mooneyes gang will fit Moon Discs to anything, like a Toyota HiAce van and even a Meyers Manx dune buggy. It's one of the few truly universal looks and I'm not surprised it works so well on the Prius. I just scooped up a second-gen a month or so ago, and while a brand new model isn't in the budget, maybe I could recreate this look with my blue beauty.

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