Trying To Avoid A PIT, Suspect Wrecks Out Big

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Trying To Avoid A PIT, Suspect Wrecks Out Big
Trying To Avoid A PIT, Suspect Wrecks Out Big

Some guys think they can take on the likes of Arkansas State Police and win. Maybe they’ve watched videos of pursuits, done some “training” at a kart racing track, or have just indulged in one too many street takeovers. But what so many seem to not realize is running from the cops at high speed can turn fatal.

Grandma punches a car thief in the face.

This suspect with multiple felony warrants tried running from a drug task force when ASP was called to assist. Trooper James Byrd jumped into the chase and we get to see his dashcam footage as he catches up with the suspect.


It doesn’t take long for Trooper Byrd to get fairly close to the suspect, but a last minute turn combined with a truck in the way means he has to off-road to get back on track, giving the suspect a little bit more of a cushion.

Perhaps that helped the suspect feel more confident in his driving skills? If so, it was his own undoing.

From there it’s onto the interstate, with the trooper almost spinning out as he takes the turn as hot as he dares. That gamble helps Trooper Byrd catch up to the suspect rapidly on the interstate as he’s blasting at over 140 mph.

PIT maneuvers at such high speeds are by nature risky endeavors. While ASP trains troopers on this very thing regularly, things can and do go wrong. In this situation, the fleeing suspect decides to get fancy, slamming on his brakes to foil the PIT attempt.

But the guy doesn’t calculate what his car will do at that speed stopping suddenly. It veers to the right shoulder, busts through the barrier, and flips.

As for the cruiser, it spins out slightly as the suspect pushes on the rear quarter panel, then hits the side of a Little Debbie semi trailer before the trooper is able to regain control and come to a safe stop.

The suspect didn’t make it.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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