Trooper Helps Innocent Bystander Who Drove Over His Spike Strips

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Trooper Helps Innocent Bystander Who Drove Over His Spike Strips
Trooper Helps Innocent Bystander Who Drove Over His Spike Strips

Accidents do happen.

Cops put up with a lot of criticism, especially in this day and age where everyone is an instant expert on everything they do. And while we know there are bad cops out there, most are trying to do the best they can, sometimes in a crappy situation where just about anything they do is going to involve some mess. That was the case when an Arkansas trooper set up spike strips to help bring a pursuit to a close.

Watch a cop try to PIT a suspect but wreck himself out instead.

The road where the ASP trooper needed to spike a fleeing vehicle as a four-land highway with a paved median. With a good amount of traffic flowing on it, he could just stop everyone from driving, leave the spikes across the road, then pull them after the suspect drove over.


Instead, the trooper decided to put his spikes in the median and drag them over the lanes nearest him as the suspect approached. The plan wasn’t a bad one, but as other drivers saw the trooper’s car pulled over, lights going, and him standing by the road they weren’t sure what to do.

Even while he was setting up the spikes, some drivers stopped or pulled over, probably afraid they shouldn’t keep driving. The trooper had to signal to cars to keep driving. But one guy traveling in the lanes closest to him panicked and swerved into the median slightly when he saw the trooper holding the cord across his lane, probably believing that to be a spike strip, spiking his front tire.

Thankfully, the guy didn’t just keep driving, roll his truck, etc. He also didn’t haul off and go full Karen with the trooper. Instead, after the trooper finished up helping with the pursuit, he pulled up behind the guy who’s tire was accidentally spiked and helped him put on the spare. He also got his insurance info so the state could help with the damage.

The guy had to feel at least a little silly for driving over a spike strip that was in the median. Thankfully he didn’t take his frustration out on the trooper.

Do you think there was anything the trooper could’ve done differently or better with the spike strip?

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