Two Die In Portland Stolen Car Crash

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Two Die In Portland Stolen Car Crash
Two Die In Portland Stolen Car Crash

Like a number of other cities, Portland, Oregon has been struggling with car theft climbing rapidly over the past several years. Despite some trying to characterize the problem as no big deal, car theft poses a serious public safety risk. For example, this crash in Portland involving a stolen vehicle left two men dead and another with life-threatening injuries.

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According to Portland Police Bureau, officers tried performing a legal traffic stop on the car just after midnight on June 25. At the time, police didn’t know the vehicle was stolen. The suspects took off.


We’re assuming they were speeding big time from the image of what was left of the car after it hit another vehicle and a power pole. Not only did it flip onto the roof, it looks like the rear end is destroyed and one of the front wheels was completely sheared off.

Who knows how much more damage was hidden from view. So it’s not really a shock that two men in the suspect car were found already deceased when police came upon the crash scene. A third man in the vehicle sustained life-threatening injuries and had to be rushed to the hospital.

The worst thing about cases like this is when an innocent bystander is seriously injured or killed. Thankfully, the woman in the car which was hit by the suspects only sustained minor injuries and was treated at the scene. So that’s a relief.

Power was knocked out to people living in the area, too. The suspect car must have hit the pole pretty hard.

Show this crash scene photo to anyone who says car theft is a victimless crime. It isn’t. Car theft fuels other crimes and it leads to criminals driving recklessly in stolen vehicles, then crashing like this.

Image via Portland Police Bureau

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