How to Upgrade Your Grenadier with Ineos’ New In-House Customization Arm

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Ineos Grenadier Will Get Some Arcane WorksIneos
  • Ineos launches in-house Arcane Works division, aimed at offering custom interior and exterior design options.

  • The customization arm will also seek to offer Grenadier and Quartermaster owners tech and performance upgrades.

  • A number of third-party specialists are already working on accessories for Ineos vehicles, including camper conversions.

The Ineos Grenadier hasn't been on sale all that long, but the newly minted automaker with a factory in France is already launching an in-house customization unit.

Dubbed Arcane Works, the personalization arm of the company will employ specially curated craftspeople to offer tailor-made features and tech for Ineos vehicles.


Arcane Works promises a vast number of finishings and color match choices, as well as bespoke materials and other elements, just as the Grenadier continues its global rollout and the Grenadier Quartermaster pickup arrives.

"Arcane Works is intended to create a truly individual 4x4, hand finished with exclusive materials and personalized touches by specially curated craftsmen," said George Ratcliffe, commercial director of Ineos Automotive.

"We know this is something our customers have been looking for and working in small batches means we can give them a genuinely custom-made experience. That's why we chose the name Arcane, as the vehicles will be so unique as to be rarely spotted in the wild."

The first modified vehicle from Arcane Works will be shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month.

But will Arcane works be more like Brabus, or BMW Individual?

For now it seems like the latter, as Ineos isn't promising wild performance upgrades for the SUV and pickup, which are powered by BMW inline-six gas and diesel engines. But it will also likely leave the camper conversions to specialist firms that are more used to that sort of work.

The rugged Grenadier SUV is already seeing interest from the overlanding crowd, so the number of third-party accessories that will be available for the SUV will only grow from here on.

But Ineos mentions that Arcane Works will also serve up new tech and systems in its models, including chassis and engine modifications. Given the fact that chip tuning and other quick upgrades are already available for BMW's inline-sixes, it seems like performance mods won't be hard to find on the aftermarket either.

The Grenadier will be joined stateside by the Quartermaster later this year, which should prompt demand for easy-to-find and affordable accessories.

We just hope Arcane Works and third-party manufacturers will skip the Jeep-style angry headlights. (But if they don't, it was totally our idea and we deserve a cut of the profits!)

Will the Grenadier be able to peel off a significant chunk of Land Rover Defender sales? Let us know what you think in the comments below.