Video: Camaro Driver Practicing Drifting Crashes

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Video: Camaro Driver Practicing Drifting Crashes
Video: Camaro Driver Practicing Drifting Crashes

People are yucking it up after a video showing a Chevy Camaro drifting on public roads, then crashing into a pole surfaced. While it all looks funny, we think there’s a darker story behind it.

Cop shoots at and stabs repo man who came for his car.

According to Reddit user vendaaiccultist, who apparently took the video and uploaded it to r/IdiotsInCars, This incident took place in northeast Philadelphia. It’s obviously in a commercial area with a number of retail stores in the background.

The video starts off with the Camaro driver trying to drift while exiting a parking lot, although he can’t quite get the rotation right. He does a so-so job again, then he’s able to get the Camaro to do a full spin, producing a little bit of tire smoke.


By this point we’re intrigued with the muscle car driver’s stupidity and the fact the person filming can’t hold a camera stead for five seconds.

Exiting that successfully spin, the driver angles right at a pole, hitting it with the front passenger side of the Camaro. It doesn’t look like a hard collision, but the fact he did that has made some people question if he was drunk or high.

We don’t think that was the case, just he’s not good at drifting. Also, we don’t think it’s his car.

Right after crashing, the driver jumps out and gets in another vehicle that pulls up. Then they take off, leaving the Camaro running, or at least the lights are still on. Would anyone do that with a nice muscle car they actually own?

We can almost guarantee this Camaro was stolen and the driver was joyriding. Yeah, he sucks at drifting, but he also sucks for swiping someone’s ride.

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