Volkswagen’s ID Buzz GTX Is The Hot Electric Van We All Need

New face, who dis? - Photo: Volkswagen
New face, who dis? - Photo: Volkswagen

The Volkswagen ID Buzz electric van hasn’t even hit the highway in earnest here in America yet, and those pesky Europeans are already getting a hot new model. Called the ID Buzz GTX, the new electric model increases the power for the Euro-spec van, adds all-wheel-drive and tweaks the interior, and it looks slick.

Unveiled this morning for ID Buzz buyers in Europe, the electric van is the latest VW to get the GTX treatment, following the ID 3 and ID 5 models that were announced earlier this year. For the van, the glow up involved the installation of a dual motor setup, which is the same powertrain VW used in the ID 7 GTX.

This means the power output in the ID Buzz has been increased from 198 hp to 350 hp, and torque is also up to 413 lb-ft. The extra grunt means the ID Buzz GTX will hit 62mph in 6.6 seconds and can continue on to a new electronically-limited top speed of 100 mph.


The more practical bonus of this extra power is that the ID Buzz’s towing capacity will raise from 2,200 lb to 3,900 lb.

Contrast stitching, it must be fast. - Photo: Volkswagen
Contrast stitching, it must be fast. - Photo: Volkswagen

To show everyone that you’re riding around in an electric van capable of hitting 100 mph, VW has tweaked the styling on the ID Buzz GTX, including a new front end that adds a black air intake grille and new triangular elements up front.

There’s also GTX badging across the electric van, and this pretty sleek set of 20-inch alloy wheels comes as standard. That’s topped off with a new cherry red paint finish, which you can see below, and that’s available as a solid finish or in the ID Buzz’s signature two-tone look.

VW has also made a few subtle changes to the interior of the GTX model, with the dark trim continuing inside. There’s now a black headliner for the first time, and black seats now come with red trim and a new GTX design. There’s further red flourishes on the steering wheel with contrast stitching, and another GTX badge on the rim.

The ID Buzz GTX will be available in short- and long-wheelbase configurations in Europe. But while VW is bringing the ID Buzz to the U.S., the company probably won’t add the GTX trim to its lineup here in the land of the free. In a statement, Volkswagen said:

The global reveal for the European Volkswagen ID. Buzz GTX is today, March 21st. Be advised, the U.S. version of ID. Buzz will receive the all-wheel-drive powertrain of this model, but not the GTX badging and equipment set. More details about the U.S. ID. Buzz offer will be forthcoming prior to launch later this year.

Looks great, I’ll take it. - Photo: Volkswagen
Looks great, I’ll take it. - Photo: Volkswagen

So, you will at least be able to get an all-wheel drive, more powerful ID Buzz here in the U.S. one day, but it won’t pack in the same styling tweaks and interior updates that you’ll be able to buy on the GTX in Europe.

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