Watch A Camaro Cut Off A Semi-Truck

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Watch A Camaro Cut Off A Semi-Truck
Watch A Camaro Cut Off A Semi-Truck

If you’ve ever driven a large vehicle, especially a commercial truck, you know other drivers aren’t always courteous or understanding. Many of them believe semis can stop as quickly as they can and that they’re always visible to the driver. Then there’s this guy in his Camaro who figured he’d just got right in front of a truck.

Semi-truck driver was allegedly watching Netflix before fatal accident.

Shared to Reddit in the r/IdiotsInCars, we’ve included the video for your viewing pleasure. It shows a Chevy Camaro coming onto an Idaho freeway via a ramp as a semi-truck, our camera vehicle, is traveling in the left lane.


There’s traffic ahead in both lanes of travel, although there’s more in the right than the left lane. Seeing this, the Camaro driver decides to not only cut across the gore point, exiting the on-ramp early, but also veer across the right lane and into the left lane in one fell swoop.

This means he cuts right in front of the semi-truck and almost causes a collision. Then he speeds down the road, chasing down the traffic on the horizon.

The move almost feels intentional, like the guy has a bone to pick with truck drivers. Maybe he does, but we guarantee he buys things at the store, and guess how all that stuff got there!

We’ve all seen these types of drivers before. They think the road belongs to them exclusively and treat everyone else as obstacles to their singular goal of getting ahead. It’s almost like they don’t understand the rest of the vehicles around them are full of individuals trying to get places as well.

As for the Reddit user who uploaded the video, and we assume was driving the semi, he simply said he “wish(es) people would learn to merge.” Others in the comments say they think it’s not so much a merging issue as it is a bad driver issue. We tend to agree.

Check out the video for yourself.

Image via wateberger/Reddit