Watch Canadian Police Surveil And Bust Car Thieves

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Watch Canadian Police Surveil And Bust Car Thieves
Watch Canadian Police Surveil And Bust Car Thieves

Canada, just like the United States, has been dealing with surging car theft for the past several years. Hunting down and busting those responsible takes plenty of time, manpower, and other resources. Global News recently did a ride-along with an auto theft taskforce in the Toronto area, showing just how difficult the job is.

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The task force already did countless hours of investigation work, identifying a stolen Lexus the thieves have been using to go out and steal other vehicles. They also figured out that the Lexus is stashed in a retirement community parking lot, a place police don’t patrol often.


From there, it’s a matter of surveilling the Lexus, waiting for the thieves to show up, waiting for them to take the Lexus out and show up with another stolen ride, then springing the trap. The reporter learns in the meantime this theft ring will steal cars all the way past seven in the morning, which is unusually late compared to others who prefer operating when most people are asleep.

Once the call is made, police spring into action to arrest one suspect walking away from the Lexus and another who’s in a Hyundai crossover. K-9 units take down the guy on foot no problem, but a lone officer on foot can’t stop the other suspect, who hits him with the Hyundai.

That officer thankfully escaped serious injury. Police located the crossover later dumped, the windshield smashed from the collision.

This kind of work requires a ton of resources, which is why partially defunded police departments with recruiting problems struggle to do anything about car theft. It’s even worse when prosecutors essentially let thieves off the hook after police work so hard to bust them.

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