Watch Cops Bust A Dirt Biker Street Takeover Participant

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Watch Cops Bust A Dirt Biker Street Takeover Participant
Watch Cops Bust A Dirt Biker Street Takeover Participant

Street takeover events aren’t just annoying, they’re dangerous and often a hive of other illegal activities. While some takeovers involve a bunch of cars shutting down an intersection or strip of road so they can do burnouts and drift, there are others where participants swarm an area on their dirt bikes, ATVs, and other small off-road vehicles. This is one of those cases.

Hotshot motorcyclist gets humiliated by a cop.

Dozens of guys on small rides speed around public roads and through parking lots, weaving dangerously close to cars and even driving into oncoming traffic. Police have no choice but to flood the area with officers and go hard to catch a few of the participants, hoping the rest scatter and don’t reassemble somewhere else.


One of the street takeover dorks a cop literally collars is on a dirt bike at a gas station. Realizing an officer has snuck up behind him, the suspect twists the throttle and tries to take off. But the officer is strong enough to pull him off the dirt bike and wrestle him to the ground.

While backup arrives and they get the dirt biker into cuffs, other street takeover participants ride by on their ATVs and dirt bikes, jeering at the police and accusing them of brutality. It’s funny how the people who have no respect for the law are the ones loudly trying to point out any illegal things they perceive the police doing, like a convenient reverence for rules.

Police find the suspect has a handgun holstered under his waistband and recognize him as someone who was riding around giving them the finger when they first arrived to handle the takeover. The guy isn’t so tough handcuffed and bent over the hood of a cruiser as he solemnly admits it was him.

But he’s not done mouthing off, accusing an officer of being unnecessarily rough with him. They quickly remind him that he tried dragging the officer behind his bike so he doesn’t really have room to talk. Unbelievable.

Catching guys on highly maneuverable, small machines designed to go virtually anywhere isn’t easy for police, so hats off to these officers for making this collar. It sounds like they were able to make several other arrests, sending a clear message to the takeover crowd that their illegal antics aren’t appreciated.

Image via Midwest Safety News/YouTube