Watch Cops Run Down A Fentanyl Trafficker In A Stolen Mercedes

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Watch Cops Run Down A Fentanyl Trafficker In A Stolen Mercedes
Watch Cops Run Down A Fentanyl Trafficker In A Stolen Mercedes

Florida Highway Patrol has its hands full as troopers chase down an alleged fentanyl trafficker driving a stolen Mercedes at high speeds. Even though FHP has the advantage of numbers and radios, they’re hard-pressed to keep up with a vehicle designed to cruise comfortably on the Autobahn.

Watch a suspect in a Charger challenge a Florida trooper in a Charger.

Adding to the dicey elements of the desperate chase is the traffic. It isn’t heavy but there’s enough to make things interesting as troopers have to safely negotiate the innocent civilians on he highway and later surface streets.


The trafficking suspect obviously doesn’t care about others’ safety as he blows around them in near misses and runs red lights as if it were nothing.

Further complicating the chase are all the people who don’t pull over as troopers approach with lights and sirens going. Everyone can debate why this is but it slows down the pursuit and allows the Mercedes to widen the gap.

But troopers have an advantage: high-speed pursuit training. What so many criminals seem to overestimate is their ability to drive fast and maintain control of a vehicle. If they’re driving a stolen ride, like this guy is, they don’t know it all that well. Pushing the envelope in an unfamiliar car is a recipe for disaster.

Even if you do know a vehicle, you probably don’t know how to adjust your driving style for going fast in traffic on imperfect road surfaces. It’s incredibly dangerous. All it takes is one wrong move and you can wreck out big time.

And that’s exactly what happens to this accused fentanyl trafficker. Since he’s blasting down a surface street at an excessive speed, when he loses control the resulting crash is enough to disable the Mercedes and leave him a sitting duck for troopers who aren’t that far behind.

Unfortunately, he wrecked into some innocent people. We’re sure someone will blame FHP for that.

Image via Scooper/YouTube

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