Watch Thieves Steal A Ram TRX Out Of A Driveway

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Watch Thieves Steal A Ram TRX Out Of A Driveway
Watch Thieves Steal A Ram TRX Out Of A Driveway

With Ram completely ditching the Hemi V8, a move so many wanted to deny was coming, trucks with the more powerful engine are only become that much more sought after. At the top of the heap is the TRX with its supercharged Hellcat engine providing plenty of power to get the pickup hauling in a hurry. The only problem is sometimes thieves are the ones capitalizing on that performance.

These are the muscle car enthusiasts in Hollywood.

Surveillance footage captures two thieves successfully steal a Ram TRX out of a driveway in Fresno, California. They approached hooded at about 2 am on the morning of March 19, one climbing into the truck’s bed while the other acted as a lookout.


Footage shared by Fox26 doesn’t show how, but they were able to get inside the cab within minutes. There are a few ways to do this, which is why strengthening the security of your Ram, especially if you own a TRX, is critical.

The fact these guys were able to start the TRX almost immediately after entering the cab gives us a clue about how they pulled this stunt off. It was either a fob cloning attack or they reprogrammed the ignition before getting inside.

You can protect against fob cloning by storing your truck key fob inside a Faraday cage or pouch. This prevents thieves from capturing the signal transmitted by the fob and relaying it to your vehicle, tricking it into believing the fob is right there.

Another step is to have an advanced security system installed which prevents thieves from reprogramming the ignition to accept a new fob they bring with them. A lot of owners don’t do this, making stealing expensive vehicles relatively easy.

Image via Sophia Lesseos/YouTube