Watching Street Takeover Cars Get Towed Is So Relaxing

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Watching Street Takeover Cars Get Towed Is So Relaxing
Watching Street Takeover Cars Get Towed Is So Relaxing

One of our biggest pet peeves is how the street takeover crowd constantly gets portrayed as the modern face of the car hobby. We know some of the people dumb enough to take over intersections, strips of highway, or parking lots to do donuts and such truly believe they’re gearheads. But we think they’re just posers.

A sheriff decided to play hardball with street takeovers and it’s hilarious.

When we see one of these “meets” which are entirely illegal get busted, it just warms our hearts. Even better is when the cars these losers use to shut down roads and put people’s lives at stake are seized and towed away.


Which brings us to this oh-so-relaxing video filmed by a tow truck driver who’s been called, along with several others, to haul away street takeover cars in Texas after local law enforcement put the smack down on the event.

Since this isn’t in the middle of an urban area, the kids parked mommy’s or daddy’s car on the grassy shoulder. And there are a lot of cars visible from the tow truck’s dashcam as the one guy rolls onto the scene.

Kids are running to get in their parent’s vehicle and drive off before they get collared and the car is seized. After all, daddy might cut off their $2,000 a week allowance if they get in that kind of trouble.

The real focus of the police operation is the performance cars which obviously were being used to do donuts and other foolishness. Those are the rides you get to see these tow trucks pull off the side of the road and take to the impound yard.

Watching this one tow truck driver at work is great. He’s so fluid and matter of fact about how the street takeover dorks were warned and didn’t take police seriously.

One would hope after an experience like this these kids would never go to another street takeover meet again. But we know it’s likely they will, almost like they learn nothing from life as mommy and daddy shelter them from the consequences of their poor decisions.

Image via Towtruck_Dustin/YouTube

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