What's The Best Manufacturer Car Color Ever Sold?

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Back when the Ford Model T was still rolling off the assembly line, Henry Ford famously insisted on only painting them black. If you wanted a different color, you would have to buy your Model T in black and paint it yourself. Fast forward to today, and, thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

These days you have all sorts of options to pick from. Do you want your car painted black, white, gray, silver, beige or gold? Well then go wild on the configurator, because every automaker that sells cars in the United States has got you covered. In fact, many brands even offer multiple gray options for you to choose from.

So yeah, you may have more options than you did back when the moving assembly line was still new, but that doesn’t mean your options are grayscale or nothing. Some automakers still offer a good color or two on their cars. And that got us thinking. Out of all the good colors that automakers have offered over the years, which one is the best of all time?


There will probably be plenty of disagreement here, but I’d argue that Ford’s Mystichrome makes an incredibly strong case for itself. Yes, it was an expensive option that can be difficult to maintain and even more difficult to repair, but come on. It changes color depending on the lighting. How does that pro not outweigh almost any other possible con?

Even better, it’s not like it changes between black and gray. That could have still been neat, but no, Ford went one step further and made sure Mystichrome showed off actual colors. Fun colors!

So what do you think? What’s the best car color ever offered from the factory? Is someone going to vote for Mazda’s Soul Red Crystal Metallic? What about Acura’s Apex Blue Pearl? Regardless of which color you pick, be sure to let us know down in the comments.

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