Why Chapman Bespoke is right for the times

Prior opinion
Prior opinion

What would Colin Chapman, Lotus's founder and whose signature adorns the service's badge, have thought?

Last week, Lotus announced a new programme called Chapman Bespoke. It promises to offer greater personalisation and unique options, right up to the production of one-off cars, for your Lotus.

What would Colin Chapman, Lotus's founder, after whom the scheme is named and whose signature adorns its badge, have thought?

No idea. Never met the bloke. One of my least favourite phrases in motoring hackery is "so and so (company founder] would have approved".

It's usually proclaimed definitively at the end of an article to show that a car is a true thoroughbred and that it's fit to wear the name.

But honestly, how are we to know what WO Bentley or Charles Rolls of Rolls-Royce would seriously have thought about the cars that come out of their company's respective factories today?