This Is Why You Don’t Run Red Lights

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This Is Why You Don’t Run Red Lights
This Is Why You Don’t Run Red Lights

Everyone knows running a red light is bad, yet people still do it. Maybe it’s out of impatience, the belief that one can get through the intersection safely, or a sense of entitlement. Whatever the reason, it’s a bad idea as the included video clearly illustrates.

A company is marketing the police Tesla Cybertruck.

What you see is a traffic camera in Alabama, we’re not sure which city, as a pickup truck towing a trailer blasts through a red light. First of all, when you’re towing a trailer or even hauling a load in your bed, you need to take it easy, stop early, turn slow, etc. not run red lights and be taking risks.


Thankfully the two cars in the left turn bays see the truck and stop after moving a few feet into the intersection, avoiding a collision. But a semi-truck in the right lane can’t slow down in time (or doesn’t see the truck soon enough) and T-bones it hard.

By the time the semi stops, it and the truck/trailer are on the other side of the intersection. The pickup is flipped onto its side, so we’re going out on a limb and saying it was totaled. We have no idea if any injuries were involved, but it’s likely at least some minor ones resulted, if not worse.

The driver of the truck could’ve easily been killed. Running red lights has consequences, even if you’ve done it repeatedly and escaped them.

Sometimes, those consequences are suffered by an innocent driver who gets blasted by the red light runner. We hate seeing that. It’s also why we wait a couple of seconds before entering an intersection, looking both ways, if we’re at the front of the line.

The sad reality is being the first one out into an intersection can put you at risk of a crash that isn’t your fault.

This is why everyone needs to calm down and stop trying to run red lights. Just stop and wait.

Image via Traffic Cam Watch/YouTube