This Is Why You Shouldn’t Text And Drive

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Text And Drive
This Is Why You Shouldn’t Text And Drive

A cop once told me that police officers are perhaps the most distracted drivers on the road. That statement might shock a lot of people, but if you know anything about all the controls in a cop car, let alone how officers type on their computer while they’re driving sometimes, then you know it’s probably true. Funny enough, in this dashcam footage, it wasn’t all that which distracted this officer before a violent crash but instead was his smartphone he was pouring over.

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Yes, that’s right, the same people who bust you for texting while driving might themselves be guilty of the same thing. Depending on where you live, it might be illegal to have a phone in your hand as you’re driving or even sitting at a traffic light. If you think that’s dumb or excessive, this video might change your mind.


What we see in the video is an officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma who is driving down the road while texting, a big no-no. That’s pretty cringe, especially when you see the guy looks up every once in a while I guess to make sure he’s still in his lane and not veering off the road. If you’re that distracted, it’s time to just pay attention to driving.

Everything’s just going great as this officer keeps texting his buddy/girlfriend/mom/whomever since the message is obviously more important than doing his job of looking for crimes or people who need help and instead putting the few people who are on the road with him at risk.

The ironic twist comes when an SUV barrels over the grassy media and right into the police cruiser, knocking the phone out of the officer’s hand and sending his sunglasses flying. Its’ a violent hit, but had the cop been paying attention instead of texting he might have been able to avoid it. Of course the accident wasn’t his fault, but that’s not the point. Had he been watching the road he would’ve seen the SUV before impact. Plus, for all we know the other driver was texting and driving as well.

Don’t text and drive, kids, it isn’t worth the risk!

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