This Is Why You Shouldn’t Weave Through Traffic

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Weave Through Traffic
This Is Why You Shouldn’t Weave Through Traffic

We’ve all been there, just cruising along on the freeway at a decent speed when several low-end performance cars driven by kids come blasting by. Sometimes they’re cutting things way too close, weaving through traffic that’s moving at more reasonable speeds, as if they’re in some sort of race. It’s a foolish thing to do, you know that, but these kids seem to think it’s just good fun.

Watch an Infiniti crab on the road like a pro.

This dashcam footage taken by one of these idiots shows him and his buddies engaging in this kind of behavior on a stretch of freeway with fairly heavy traffic. There are so many close calls in the video we were mashing on that imaginary brake pedal repeatedly.


It’s clear these kids don’t get how fast and sudden an accident can happen. It’s either that or they just don’t care. Either way, we don’t find their behavior amusing in the least.

Whatever their “reason” these guys put countless people at risk and all so they can have fun, record a “cool” video, or prove how “good” they are at driving? Seeing videos like this makes us wish public pillories were still a form of punishment for this kind of stupidity. Or maybe floggings.

These types of people give car enthusiasts a bad name. Oh they’ll insist they’re the core of the hobby, but really they’re on the fringe and thankfully so. But to many in the public, these are car guys.

In true irony, at one point these fools speed around a Porsche 911, a car which could wipe the floor with any of them. Why isn’t the Porsche driving the same way? Maybe it’s because the owner worked hard for the vehicle and doesn’t want to wreck it acting like a fool.

At about 6:15 into the video, you see in the rear dashcam some guy in a Bimmer tries shooting the gap between two cars. Like the others, he cuts it close, only this time it’s too close and he hits both of them, wrecking out big time.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Don’t drive like this.

Image via BriQ50/YouTube

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