Woman Tries Running Repo Man Off The Road

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Woman Tries Running Repo Man Off The Road
Woman Tries Running Repo Man Off The Road

Having your car repossessed is a stressful situation for most, although it’s probably not much of a surprise for anyone being honest with themselves. Even as you sit, dreading the inevitable, the worst thing you can do is fly into a furious rage when the repo man finally does show up to take your ride.

The Repo Man movie is finally getting a sequel.

This lady lets her intrusive thoughts win when this repo agent shows up and uses his tow truck to scoop up the Dodge Charger she wasn’t paying to keep. But instead of the usual shenanigans like jumping into the car, trying to stand in the way of the tow truck’s boom, or trying to drive the car off the tow truck once it’s in the air, she takes a different approach.


Maybe that’s in part because she’s not outside when the repo man shows up. The Charger is just parked in the middle of the cul-de-sac, something we’ve never seen before. Apparently, police and city officials there don’t really care if you clog up the road with parked cars?

That makes taking the Dodge so much easier and quicker. The guy scoops it up, drives about a block away, then stops to strap it down so he can drive the rest of the way to the storage lot.

But as he starts pulling away, having secured the straps, the lady who didn’t pay her bill comes tearing down the road in a Chrysler 300. We have to wonder, has she paid for that car?

Regardless, she obviously thinks she can keep the Charger if she stops the tow truck. Why is a mystery, but as the repo man pulls up to an intersection, she tries blocking him in/running him off the road.

It doesn’t work, probably because she doesn’t realize the truck is far more maneuverable than she might imagine. But she doesn’t give up as the tow truck speeds down a four-lane road. Does she think this is like a scene from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome?

Unable to stop the guy, she instead screams obscenities at the repo man, who gladly yells them back at her. If only those obscenities were to pay the bills.

Image via Repo Productions/YouTube