You'll See The Feds Coming From A Mile Away In This Unmarked Jeep Wagoneer L

Screenshot: Stellantis Fleet
Screenshot: Stellantis Fleet

If there’s one thing government enforcement officials love more than using tax dollars, it’s driving huge unmarked SUVs. For years, GM has almost exclusively been the supplier of these vehicles. Motorcades and FBI agents everywhere are always full of unmarkedChevy Tahoes and Suburbans. Now it seems as if another automaker is trying to get in on the unmarked government vehicle game: Jeep.

All new this year, Stellantis fleet is introducing the Jeep Wagoneer L Unmarked Investigation SUV. Jeep is hoping the Wagoneer L’s massive size and power will become a staple for government use now that the V8-powered Charger is gone, a promotional document for the Wagoneer L described:

Whether leading an investigation or leading a motorcade, the Wagoneer L Unmarked Investigation SUV commands respect — providing an exceptionally capable and comfortable mobility platform no matter when or where its service is required.