YouTuber Drives Cybertruck Through A Foot Of Water And Is Amazed

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YouTuber Drives Cybertruck Through A Foot Of Water And Is Amazed
YouTuber Drives Cybertruck Through A Foot Of Water And Is Amazed

One of the big tests of an off-road rig is whether or not it can handle a challenging water crossing. Of course, one man’s challenging water crossing is another’s ridiculously easy one. That’s exactly what we get with this YouTuber taking his new Tesla Cybertruck through a foot of water and being absolutely blown away.

WWII jeeps could drive underwater.

If you off-road and have dared to venture across streams, rivers, ponds, etc. then you know a foot of water is nothing. Sure, a Toyota Camry probably can’t handle that depth, but a rig with tall tire sidewalls, a lift, etc. can take something so shallow on with ease.


Don’t tell this YouTuber that as he pulls out every frat boy stereotypical exclamation as he at least seems genuinely surprised the EV can survive such a scary depth. Or maybe he’s just a really good actor trying to get clicks on his YouTube channel. If so, well done, sir.

The guy also freaks out when water splash up onto the massive windshield. It’s unnecessarily dramatic.

Meanwhile, his friend who’s recording from the large puddle the Cybertruck is fording exclaims how the electric pickup is “like a tank.” That might be a little hyperbolic.

With their confidence soaring, the YouTuber and his buddy go to a “way deeper” puddle. If you don’t look at the wake being pushed out in front of the geometric stainless steel monstrosity, it looks to be maybe two feet in depth.

After those water crossings, the YouTuber points out how the inner fender liner gets kinda trashed. And there’s damage on the rear lower fascia. That’s not impressive.

But by far the best part of this video is the unironic overuse of “literally.” It’s literally hilarious.

By the way, it’s hilarious how the friend in the puddles is obviously crouching down to make them look deeper. That reminds us of that CNN clip where the reporter is in a row boat during a live shot and some guys come walking through the water, which isn’t deep at all. It’s pure theatrics but people eat that up.

Image via TechRax/YouTube